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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Never be lonely again!

I'm reading a book called "The Happiness Project". Have you heard of it? It's a great book even if you already are a happy person that lets you focus on different areas of your life. The writer, Gretchen Rubin, took one year of her life to focus on her happiness. Each month she focused on different areas of her life like, Energy - where she spent more time exercising, cleaning out clutter, etc. Marriage, Family, Having More Fun... a new topic for 11 months and then in December she pulled them all together and evaluated her year.

Anyway, it's a great read and like I said - even for us already happy people out there. One thing that struck with me was a research fact that she talked about that found that women who have a lot of women friends are less lonely. And even men who have a lot of women friends are less lonely then if they have a lot of men friends. This is because women are easier to talk to and talk about more substantial "life" things. So, it got me thinking about the last time I was lonely. I couldn't remember back to that time because for the last 6 1/2 years I have been blessed to work with and become friends with many women from many walks of life through the industry of Direct Sales. I am never lonely!

So, to celebrate our BFF's I have a special going through the end of January with Heritage Makers for you and your BFF. Both of you will be able to get a Premier Account which gives you over 40,000 templates, embellishment's, paper choices, alphabets, unlimited photo storage, etc. for only $99.95 for all of 2010. Normally Premier is $19.95 per month, with this deal it comes out to about $8.33 per month! Something to get excited about and storybooking is something you can do with your BFFs to fight the loneliness this year.

If you aren't already a Heritage Maker then sign up for your free account at and once you have your free account then enter in 7532 for this offer code. Call or email me if you have any questions!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here we go!

I've been thinking about setting up a blog for some time but like most things, thinking about it and doing it are two different things. And with most technology, although in the end the outcome is beautiful, great and amazing... there is definitely a learning curve!

I have found this out more than ever with my new business through Heritage Makers. I am so excited about this business and the products that are the end result are so cool! But yes, there is a learning curve! The first project I took on was huge. A book for my dad and his siblings for Christmas. I started the last week in October and rallied my wonderful cousins together who all then went out and interviewed their parent and gathered photos of their life. A month and a half later and 24 hours before the deadline to get it submitted to be published in order to get it for Christmas, I had all the stories from the cousins and went to work making the book. Luckily I had spent some time watching the training videos about the tricks of the trade and I was able to get it put together in time and it was a fun Christmas gift to give.

I'm holding an event called a Digi-Crop on Monday, January 18th at Borders Books in Bozeman in the coffee shop from 6-9 and will be sharing some of the cool tips I learned in order to make your storybooking more unique and easy to put together. Some of my friends and clients have asked specific questions and I will be going over those too.

For Hillary W - I now know how to make circular pictures and how to make all photos ones you can swap out.

For Keri J - I now know how to select multiple items to copy or transfer to other parts of the book.

Looking forward to sharing!